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For Summer/Fall 2016 rush, from May until Beginning September, we'll offer several opportunities for men to meet with us and participate in our normal activities, to see what it's like to be in our fraternity and to get to know us to ensure a mutual fit. Our rush will close, and our class will be formally associated, on September 12th. 

The financial cost of being a new member in Lambda Chi is $1195 the first semester, and $995 for following semesters. There are optional expenses like party favors or trips that run $25-250 per semester. Dues go towards the Lambda Chi Alpha general fraternity, our chapter house, intramural sports, brotherhood events, recruiting, parties, alumni reunions, and everything else we do throughout the year. It’s important to note that you join Lambda Chi for life, not for a semester, not for college—so join prepared to pay dues until you graduate, and to continue supporting the chapter long after your college days are over.

Lambda Chi has chapter meetings on Mondays nights. In addition, there are optional activities such as IM sports, social functions, and philanthropic activities. We hope people will participate in whatever they can, but your grades should always come first. In Fall 2015, our chapter GPA was a 3.28, and 10 men made a perfect 4.0.

Lambda Chi Alpha does not condone or participate in hazing. We firmly believe that we can bond with all of our brothers and become better men together without resorting to childish or dangerous mind-games.

Lambda Chi is looking for a class of quality men who will add value to the fraternity, through academic performance, athletic ability, leadership, social skill, community outreach, or all of the above. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read more about us here:, visit our headquarter page here:, and please contact our recruitment chair, Matthew Stipek, at, or 512-507-1365. 





Lambda Chi Alpha does not haze, nor do we condone or tolerate hazing practices of any kind, whether on or off Fraternity premises. Lambda Chi Alpha fully complies with state laws and university regulations regarding hazing.


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